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THE BULLETIN 2015 - 2017

The Bulletin is the T.I.C.'s quarterly newsletter. Each edition contains a letter from the President and membership news as well as news and features of relevance to the tantalum and niobium markets.

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Bulletin No.171

As well as the regular features, this edition includes:

  • How tantalum atoms are formed by stars exploding 
  • The 2017 Charles Hatchett Award winners
  • Tantalum and niobium IP report
  • Development of polymer tantalum capacitors with high reliability and high rated voltage
  • CFSI’s revised Tin and Tantalum Standard
  • The EU’s 2017 Critical Raw Materials (CRM) list
  • iTSCi in focus: the Governance Committee

Bulletin No.170

As well as the regular features, this edition includes:

  • Technical programme abstracts of the Fifty-eighth General Assembly  
  • MRI: saving lives with niobium
  • A financial summary of the iTSCi Programme
  • The Charles Hatchett Award
  • NORM exemption levels and conversion factors explained
  • A postcard from Rwanda




Bulletin No.169 - April 2017

  • A downstream customer's view on conflict-free minerals
  • Results from the recent statistics questionnaire
  • A study of niobium superconductor disks
  • EU's new conflict mineral law
  • A letter from Vancouver, Canada






Bulletin No.168 - January 2017

  • 57th General Assembly
  • A special report on transporting naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM)
  • Tantalum potential supply from the lithium industry
  • How to report an incident in the iTSCi Programme
  • Tantalum in coins, medals and jewellery





Bulletin No.167 - October 2016

  • A special report on tantalum and niobium in superalloys
  • An introduction to David Knudson, our new Technical Officer
  • A retrospective by Bill Millman who is stepping down from the Executive Committee after 21 years
  • News about CFSI's definitions for CFSP audits
  • Letter from Rwanda
  • Applications and properties of Metalysis FFC-produced spherical tantalum powder



Bulletin No.166 - July 2016

  • EU agreement on conflict mineral legislation     
  • A visual guide to ASM mining of tantalite
  • China’s initiative on tackling conflict minerals
  • A letter from the T.I.C. Statistics Sub-team
  • Miniaturization of chip tantalum capacitors
  • 57th General Assembly: Technical Abstracts
  • Dale Gwinnutt reflects on his time on the Executive Committee.


Bulletin No.165 - April 2016

  • A weekend in Toulouse, France (destination for 57th General Assembly)
  • Sponsorship opportunities at the 57th General Assembly
  • A new collection process for T.I.C. statistics
  • Interview with Ulric Schwela, T.I.C. Technical Officer
  • Update on potential EU mineral legislation      
  • Antitrust: T.I.C.’s proposed policy
  • "Hermetically sealed low ESR, high reliability tantalum capacitors" by AVX

Bulletin No.164 - January 2016

  • The T.I.C. welcomes Roland Chavasse, Director to the T.I.C.
  • Richard Burt dispels myths around ‘coltan’.
  • The T.I.C.’s new website revealed.
  • Fifty-seventh General Assembly notice.
  • Fifty-sixth General Assembly report.
  • Conflict-Free Sourcing Initiative: only one part of due diligence.
  • Statistics and more statistics: what are they & where do they come from?

Bulletin No.163 - September 2015










Bulletin No.162 - June 2015










Bulletin No.161 - March 2015









Editions of the Bulletin published between 2005 and 2014 are available here.

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